About Us

It is our privilege to represent a network of personal ministries, Church congregations, missions, and other associations. We provide an educational and administrative service to Church leaders, their ministries, and general Church members relating to the superior position of a pure Biblical Church ministry and how it can best serve our Father’s world.

Our service includes:
• Church Legal Counsel, Mediation, and Arbitration
• Risk Management Evaluation and Solutions
• System Flow Charts and Job Descriptions
• Visual Image of the Organization and Staff
• Operation Under Church Jurisdictional Authority
• Utilization of the Financial Principals of the Church

We also assist anyone in the course of their personal calling, help to establish organizational procedures for the Church, provide for the creation of Ministerial Trusts, and arrange for trust management by qualifying members of the body of Christ. Introductory Conferences and educational materials are made available at no charge.

Please leave a reply below or call us at 425-673-7762 for times and locations of our next conference or workshop, for how to listen to or take part in a telephone conference or workshop, or to schedule a free private consultation. We look forward to showing you how our service is successfully used in the establishment and management of personal, congregational, or other Church affiliated ministries.


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Greg Gorder Says:

    Need assistance on a web presence for our ministry.

    • churchcounsel Says:

      We currently offer assistance in website creation and maintenance on four levels:

      1. The top level is if you have $2,000-5,000 to spend. The price could even go higher than that depending on how complicated your needs are. Everything is done for you where you just tell us what you want.
      2. The second level is between $1,000-$2,000 and can be quite sophisticated in both looks and function, but requires some active participation and learning on your part where you serve as the primary webmaster.
      3. The third level is less than $1,000 and could run as low as a couple of hundred. We will teach you to do most of the work yourself. It can be very plain or surprisingly attractive depending upon the skill level you develop.
      4. The fourth and lowest level will only cost you $120 a year where you do everything on your own and we simply host and advise on a minimal basis. This price is also added to each of the three levels above.

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